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I rebuilt my first Briggs & Stratton at age 5, and drank my first beer the same day…..

But seriously, it all started years ago, in memory of my father Joe G. Pryor. He was my best friend and teacher. In 1977, I went to work for my dad at his shop in Bristow, Oklahoma. He taught me how to treat people and their Pride & Joy (their machines). He taught me to repair machines – not just to replace them – not something you see a lot of these days.

My first bike was a Honda 70 Trail bike. My dad was in for a lot of work keeping me in tires, chains, and gas. My two older brothers have always been idols of mine. They also ride Harleys, as well as my sister. My next to oldest brother, we call him “Then Came Pryor”, he road his bike everywhere. In fact, he would sleep on his bike so nobody would steal it.

I guess I can’t remember when everyone in my family didn’t have a motorcycle. It truly is a “Family Tradition”.¬†¬† The facts are, my family and I have been on motorcycles all our lives. When I was a little kid, youngest of four kids, I was always looking forward to what kind of bike my father was going to come home with next. Or I wondered how far my older brother could ride a wheelie on his bike. Motorcycles run in my blood. I have been working on engines and transmissions for over 23 years. It’s a “labor of love” not just a living.

In 1995, I had a vision of opening the best Harley aftermarket shop in the valley. I believe we have done just that. Come on by for some coffee or soda. Let us serve you. I’m sure you will be impressed with the No Dealer attitudes we have all grown to hate. We have reasonable prices. Our motto is “A Fast Nickel Beats A Slow Dime”. We specialize in Harley Davidson Sales – Service – Parts & Accessories. Here is a list of just some of the special services we offer to you:

We will build that “FAST” bike for you – we use known performance packages (no guess work).

We will build you a “Custom Show Bike” – one of our custom bikes just took the 1st Place Overall People’s Choice Award.

Wild chrome to wild paint.

We maintain road bikes (we want to keep you in the wind) not in the shop or on a trailer.

We repair what your neighbor tried to fix Рwe do Factory Services Р10K Services Рremember:  Preventive Maintenance is cheaper then costly repairs.

We do Collision Repair – Insurance jobs welcome – we also have machine shop services and road side pick-up.