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Customer Comments

I have a 1950 Pan Head and a 1995 Dyna Wide Glide.   The shop keeps my Pan running with out leaking a drop of oil.   And it is as dependable as any 50-year-old bike can be, as far as starting and running goes.

Karl, the owner of the shop, is into speed and will talk horsepower and torque with you all day long.   He runs an FXR that’s a real screamer, and you can find him out at the Sacramento drags running in the 11’s, which is pretty awesome for a street bike.   They know what the speed equipment will do.   They don’t just sell it, they have it in their own bikes and use it at the drag strips.

When Harley came out with the faster bikes, I took my DWG in and told Karl I did not want to be blown off the road by the newer models.   He said “We’ll fix that”.   He put in S&S heads, pistons, cam, carb, etc.   The bike now runs quicker than I can really handle!

The shop does not take months to fix your bike.   They get it in & out as quick as possible.   And like everything else: if something goes wrong, as it some times does, they make it right.   The shop can get most of the things you order over night.   They can custom chrome, or give you more power for your bike.   I have used most of the HD shops and several of the after market shops within 50 miles of my home, and there is nothing worse than when your bike is down and they tell you “we can’t get to it for three months”.   At Screamin Scooters they will tell you “bring it in, and we will work it in between other bikes that are already here”.   I figure a shop that can keep my old bike running, and my newer bike screaming, is about all I need.

George Contos
Acampo, CA

This whole thing started when I bought a 1997 Road King.   A big beautiful piece of iron, but not the quickest bike around.   I took my scooter to see Karl.    He looked at me and saw the need for speed.   Then he sized up my Road King, and came up with a plan.   Shortly there after, I found myself hanging on to one mean powerful machine!   It’s still a big bike, but now it really moves.

Next, it occurred to me that there are a lot of red bikes (Harleys) on the road.   Karl said he could help me create a bike that was not only unique, but also a showstopper.   I told him my ideas, and he showed me how to make it all happen.

I believe the guy is an artist because when he was done with my scooter, it was and still is, a showstopper.   The first time I took it to a show, it placed first.   That’s why I go to Screamin Scooters!

Mike Leedham
Lodi, CA

In the fall of 1999, Bob & I bought a 1992 FXR for Bob. It had an oil leak and it needed service. We checked at a bike place close to our house, and the shop was not only high, but it was dirty as well. The thought of leaving the bike there did not set well with us.

We had to go to Lodi for something and spotted “Screamin Scooters”. We went in and were met by Jacqi, who made us feel right at home. We told her what was wrong with the bike, and she called Karl up front to talk with us. Karl was straight out on what had to be done and what it was going to cost. And if it was this or that, it would cost between this and that. So at least we knew what it would cost at the most.

The following week, Jacqi & Karl had a 1986 FXWG on the floor for sale. Guess what Tessi now owns?

Karl is not a person that will push you into getting something done on your bike. And at the same time, he will tell you if something is not a good idea. And if you’re going to have this done, you might as well do this at the same time, and save money in the long run.

Once you get to know Karl, you will find out he likes to joke around. Whether you’re a man or women, he doesn’t care. And it goes to say the same when he works on your bike. He doesn’t treat you any different “man or woman”.

If you’re working on your own bike, or Screamin Scooters is working on it for you, they are there to help you. For us, Screamin Scooters is the way to go!

Thanks Karl & Jacqi

Bob & Tessi
Valley Springs, CA

In May 1999, I was involved in a pretty serious accident. My bike was laid down, denting the front and rear fenders, both tanks, and took out both exhaust pipes and totaled them out – that’s just the beginning of the damage. After calling every Harley dealer and shop within a 100-mile radius, the service that could be provided, was not until September 1999. That’s when I called Screamin Scooters (not thinking they would let me come bring my bike the very next day). Karl Pryor, the owner, started right away on my bike, even though they were busy.

The first problem was the insurance company, but Karl & Jacqi helped me work with them and get the bike fixed. After all that, I thought: instead of putting the bike back stock, Karl made some great suggestions to improve the performance of the bike. I had an idea for a paint job, and Karl explained it to his painter, and they were able to put my thoughts down in paint. Karl has been honest with me in all aspects of any thing I needed done to my bike. I have been back on the road for 8 months now, and my bike looks and sounds better then when I first bought it. I would recommend Screamin Scooters for any kind of work, and good service. Plus the coffee is always on.

Thanks Karl for making my bike my dream come true.

Jonathon LaHaderne
Stockton, CA

As we know, having a shop work on your Harley is not a matter of life and death, it is much more serious than that! I have Screamin Scooters work on my Harley because of the personal service I receive.

I know who is working on it and what’s going on. Parts and labor are a fair and honest price. If I have any questions, they are answered and explained so I can understand them. Usually there are choices to be made, and the options are pointed out so I can make an informed decision. I know I can trust Karl’s and Jacqi’s honesty and integrity.

Bruce Erickson
Galt, CA